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Chittazha, Vattappara P.O, Trivandrum, Kerala, India 695028
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The girls study fashion designing, Computer programming, Degree courses, Plus two courses,Teacher trainiing courses, Nursing courses 2023
Unity House

In the Unity House, Chittazha, we have accommodation facilities for fifty girls. The girls who reside there, do their Plus One and Plus two courses, or attend various professional or technical courses like tailoring, computer, cooking, fashion designing, TTC etc. There are also girls doing degree courses like BSW, MSW, BA and MA, or other professional courses. The house offers a healthy, family atmosphere for the residents with due emphasis given to the spiritual, intellectual, cultural and social aspects of life and fosters an eco friendly attitude through their contact with and involvement in the maintenance of vegetable gardens, flower gardens, animals husbandry and poultry. The residents obtain opportunities for creative and income generating activities such as soap making, rosary and candle making, food processing and manufacturing of cloth bags. The daily timetable includes Yoga, Meditation, Prayers, Satsang, Sports and Cultural Program

Unity Ashram

The Unity Ashram, Idanji, can accommodate around thirty boys. The students of the Ashram do their Plus One, Plus Two program and various technical - job oriented studies. They are offered in the ashram an integrated training for their educational, spiritual and vocational development. The daily program in the ashram includes Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, Bread-labour, Sports and Cultural activities. The boys are given opportunities two involve themselves in service activities and income generating vendors like vegetable garden, animal husbandry, poultry and food processing. 


Sneha Bhavan

Sneha Bhavan, Ponneduthakuzhy, is a home for women in distress. Women who undergo domestic violence or are abandoned by their husbands, or are staying alone without support and widows are offered a temporary or long term asylum in this house. If needed such women can keep their little children along with them in this house. In Sneha Bhavan we also run a tailoring and computer school for women from the locality. Besides, we run in this house a Montessori pre-school aiming at offering an overall development for children aged between three and six. 


Sneha Deepam is a Skill Development Centre for boys after the 10th class. We offer them a three year skill development program which includes training in various trades such as electrical, plumbing, welding and masonry works. They are helped to develop their personality by daily practice of yoga, meditation and different kinds of work experiences. They are trained in speaking English and Hindi.  Some of them are given opportunity to attend Plus One and Plus Two classes and appear for state exams. They undergo scientific training, both in theory and practice, in different  job oriented skills. They obtain opportunities to work in the fields of the training and to earn some money. The money they earn is saved to raise up a start capital for their future life when they leave the institution. They are given opportunity to appear for examinations and obtain certificates recognised by both state and central governments. It is hoped that they will become economically self-supportive and socially minded so as to serve their own families and the society at large.