Society for Unity and Integral Progress

Vasudaivakakudumbakam (the universal family of God) is the ideal that inspired Dr. Thomas Kulangara to found a charitable society named “Society for Unity and Integral Progress” (registered under the 12 th Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Organizations, Registration act of 1955, with the registration number 632/1995).

The universal family of God

The realization of the universal family of God is our goal.
Ever since its foundation in 1995 the society has been striving after the realization of this goal through various training programs offered for its beneficiaries. Such programs include residential training programs for children and youths, evening schools for children who have difficulties to study at home in the evenings, special courses for weaker students during vacation, motivation program for parents, unity camps for children and youths etc. The society runs four centres for facilitating residential training programs.

Main Objectives

Integral Progress of Children and Youths

The Society offers educational, cultural, social and spiritual training for the children and youths hailing from the poorest strata of the society, of all castes and religions, in order to facilitate their integral progress.

Universal Brotherhood

In particular, the society seeks to develop in the minds of its beneficiaries a sense of universal brotherhood and a legitimate pride of their national heritage.

Social Sensibility

The society endeavours to cultivate a sense of social sensibility especially for the poor and to foster harmony and tolerance among all sections of the society.

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